Wednesday, May 6, 2015




Like everything solid, you must build success on a strong and lasting foundation. Life is but a chain of moments and your success depends on the choices you make in your daily actions. Reading books, attending seminars, discussing your life with your friends, even listening to success coaches is just not enough to ensure your success in life.

Open your heart and your mind! Free them both of all the beliefs that don’t serve you on your journey to success, wealth and happiness. Prepare yourself to consider and adopt new ways of thinking, feeling, living and apply them everyday to every part of your life.

There is no universal law that decides your happiness. However, there are Universal Laws you must heed on the path to your wealth and success, which is a path uniquely yours. We must each find our own way to success and happiness …........

Just because your neighbor becomes wealthy selling cosmetics, does not mean that you will succeed in this business as well … even if you are a more accomplished salesperson than he or she!

Mainly, your success and happiness depend on first discovering what you want from your life and then enjoying what you do along the path to fulfilling that desire. Did you know that 99% of the world’s workforce hates their job? That means that people everywhere are spending an average of 50 hours every week doing something they hate and trying to become wealthy doing it.

This does not work! You can only be successful in life if you are doing what you enjoy. Why is that so? Because when you are performing the work of your heart and soul (what you enjoy), you create a special vibration with your thoughts and emotions; in fact, you create a vibration all the time! What you attract and draw to you (people, events) is a result of what you create. 

Therefore, if you create a vibration of hate, resentment, jealousy, people around you feel it.  Moreover, people will – like it or not – treat you that way! 

This is not the way to success. Your job or life’s work should not be something you hate, especially when it takes up most of your energy, your creativity and your life!