Sunday, May 3, 2015



All of us have what it takes to become a millionaire! Born winners, yet few of us know how to take advantage of and cultivate the possibilities hidden inside our own mind!

What controls whether you are a winner or a loser? What controls your success in all areas of your life?

The wheel is in motion much earlier than anyone thought, beginning not in the physical world of present action, but in the non-material recesses of your mind. Thought and state of mind together form the mighty energy that fuels personal development and are critical in defining the way we perceive everything around us.

Throughout our lives, we attach certain values to our experiences and external influences. Based on these preconceived mental images we form opinions, which cause us to act in certain ways.

 How else can we explain one person seeing the opportunity of a lifetime in what another sees as only an obstacle? What you seek is what you find and whatever you focus on eventually develops right before your eyes.

Events define our lives, yet what is most important is not the events themselves but, rather, how we react to them. Often, our most incredible ideas die an instant death simply because our “clever” brains tell us that we won’t succeed in carrying them out.

Success is the natural and logical result of certain ways of thinking, acting, and living.

Successful people enjoy their work and value themselves. They become experts in their chosen fields. They accept responsibility for everything that happens to them. When the outcome is not what they wanted or planned for, they ask themselves:

“What could I have done to make this turn out better? How can this experience help me to be more effective in the future? What is the hidden opportunity here?”

This “question and answer” process delivers continual improvement of their performance because they want to, not because they feel forced to! THIS is the secret of learning and growing.

Successful people do not depend solely on others or live their lives according to the expectations of other people. They accept and embrace every challenge that life offers them. Because of this mind-set, they are rarely disappointed and therefore, negative emotions, anger, fear, sadness, disappear almost overnight!

Contrary to past teachings, your rational mind is the greatest obstacle to your success. The mind bases its judgments on experiences and inherent personality and not on your true potential! If you don’t try something new, you will never know what you can achieve! None of the great ideas in human history were obvious – in fact, most saw them as absurd!

If you feel different, or simply “not average,” then you may already be well on your way to success via the best possible route. Being “different” does not mean that you are in any way inferior to others that are not so different – often; it simply means that you think with your own head!!!   CONTINUE READING .........................................