Thursday, May 21, 2015


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Nothing great is created suddenly


There  are  few  secrets  in  business;  nothing  is  being  hidden  from  you.  The methods of developing better business practices are clear if you are looking for them.

Getting started in business is the hardest part. If you had the very best start, you would have been born with a natural predisposition for business, and then your parents, teachers, and tutors would have added to your innate business sense along the way.

Nevertheless, back in reality, nothing can be perfect; nobody has perfect luck and skills, nor could they have studied and worked every day of their lives. In the business world, this truly leaves a field open for competition in almost any market space, and leaves you with years of time to study, practice and build. This can make up for any luck or genetic advantage that you may think you are missing. As long as you choose to build your self-confidence proactively, you can compete in business and in life irrespective of the past.

To create passion for something of great significance in this world is vital for everyone, but it does not make sense for others to direct your altruistic activities. Once you are able, you get to decide how to proceed as a compassionate member of your business community. Earn plenty of money, buy whatever you feel you need for your family, and then serve your favorite causes. In effect, this creates a win-win-win situation.

The following are 10 - secrets to your success in business

1. Be Confident
To  be  a  truly  successful  entrepreneur,  there  can  never  be  any  doubt  in  your mind that you will accomplish your goals, even if you must occasionally alter your plans to hit the same targets. Your success is as much a matter of your willpower as it is of the skills you will develop on your journey. 

Th  ere are hardly any successful businesspeople, athletes, community leaders, or artists who do not feel certain of their ability to adapt and succeed. In order to achieve those results that are required to be a success, you need to fight and evolve. Your work process has to be managed as if it is a matter of survival.

Reliving past trials and tribulations is a drain on your mental resources. Whether the activity itself succeeded or failed, you should make a conscientious effort to learn positive lessons from everything. Don’t allow the outcomes of attempted sales, deals, or employee issues harm your forward momentum or the ability to execute your plan. Your focus should be on getting the targeted outcome from each business situation rather than your emotional responses to difficulties in the process.

2.   Be a Machine
 Those who work harder will be more profitable overall. We are not claiming that working “harder” is more advantageous than working “smarter.” You actually need to work harder with more raw man-hours AND work smarter by using evolving Best Practices to maximize your financial gain. Unlike the majority of  business  strategies,  which  are  mostly  theoretical,  this  is  a  mathematically sound principle that works virtually every time. Th  e good news is that it applies to everyone and can seemingly work miracles. So if you are trying to evolve your business faster than your competition, one way to produce more, be more efficient and get a critical jump on those competitors is by putting in longer, harder hours of labor.

Competitors oft en work just hard enough to stay on par or barely above the rest.  So  if  your  team  makes  an  aggressive  push  forward  in  the  marketplace, the competition could easily be blindsided and fall behind. Your top business competitors might feel they don’t need to try their hardest because too many other possible competitors, like you, don’t step up to the plate.

Overall, hard work might not be the only disparity separating the rich from the poor, but it certainly enhances any other advantages the average professional brings to the economic table. Lawyers, doctors and other high-end professionals, for example, make more money than most partly because they’ve put in more hours in school and at work.

Working hard isn’t easy by definition, yet understanding the processes that lead to success is right at your fingertips. Pay attention to the ideas that are being offered  informally  all  around  you:  by  mentors,  in  books  and  periodicals,  on business TV and radio, and especially all over the Internet. However, make sure you filter for just the best information out of the masses. By putting in the time to do proper research you will find most of what you need is freely accessible.

Being  successful  in  business  is  not  necessarily  an  easier  life  for  you.  In  the long  run,  however,  it  could  be  more  rewarding  and  fun.  So  get  to  it!  Don’t procrastinate on the diffi  cult projects ahead; hopefully, your competitors are doing just that. You will be better prepared for the future if you proactively take hold of the present.

3. Be Charitable
We  believe  a  charity  should  operate  like  a  for-profit  business.  The  main difference  should  be  that  the  focus  of  the  organization  and  the  metrics  (key data),  which  are  being  managed,  should  highlight  the  number  of  “needy” stakeholders being well served rather than the numbers of dollars of profit.

In business, one only has to count cash to know how well they are doing, which is fairly easy. To help people other than yourself in a meaningful way is much harder to address and quantify, but it should be approached with equal vigor.

4. Avoid blaming others
Avoid blaming external forces or people for problems that are in your own best interest to solve, irrespective of how they emerged. Blaming the economy will never help you, nor will blaming the government, a political party, your mom, your teachers, your competitors, your genetic code, your community, or your boss. 

Even if it is ostensibly true, claiming you have had bad luck or that others are at fault for your issues will never help you achieve a winning attitude for the future.

The  world  offers  an  enormous  and  ever-expanding  global  economy;  all  you need is a minuscule piece of that economy to succeed or a slightly larger slice of your local economy.

Nobody and nothing can stop you from getting your fair market share if you maintain a long term focused effort. Therefore, if you happen to be out of work or aren’t earning enough and you think there is an external force to blame, then at the very least, you should be proactively working to change that force every day, as opposed to complaining about it.

Very few people who start a business from scratch and succeed can attribute their success to luck. Of course, a small portion of society is born into a family business  or  is  undeservedly  promoted  in  a  big  company,  which  is  a  small barrier for competitors. Overall, successful people are those who are focused on proactively performing clear goals, at the highest level, for the most hours, over the longest duration.

Th  e good news is if you want to be wealthy, you should take to heart that all the other rich people who surround you have 99.9% the same DNA as you. Th  e difference is not in their genes or in their luck: they just chose to succeed in business and proceed accordingly.

5. Be There and Be Aware
Simply by being “in the game” and being serious about trying to succeed will help you win 50% of your competitive battles, and therefore account for half of  your  success.  Th  is  is  because  most  theoretically  able-bodied  workers  are apprehensive to fight, and therefore are not well-suited to win while conducting “competitive” commerce on a daily basis.

Working long, hard hours every day, accounts for about another 40% of one’ s success, and choosing the right industry is probably responsible for another 8%. In our estimation, luck only accounts for about 2% of the success of proactive entrepreneurs.

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So get over the notion of good luck being a reason why people might win in a business environment. Even if luck is an element, it is an uncontrollable one and a minor one. Focus instead on the majority of factors, which can truly be improved daily by your best efforts.

Keep  in  mind  that  the  smartest  people  are  not  always  on  top.  In  reality,  the person who believes in himself or herself the most, irrespective of their nominal brainpower, is usually the most successful.

6. Be the Edge
Th  e best ideas and the most sensible ideas are the ones that are not contrived. This is why people always say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

In order to achieve a winning edge—the element that separates you from the rest of the pack and ensures your success in business—you will have to find ways to identify good ideas and develop them quickly and effectively.

Intuitively,  you  should  know  that  competitors  in  a  free  market,  capitalist economy  are  going  to  try  to  “take  you  out.”  You  must  improve  and  prepare every day for the inevitable commercial “war.

Competitors  and  insider  stakeholders  who  doubt  you  and  your  abilities  are predictable obstacles that every businessperson has to navigate. Other jealous, doubtful,  or  unmotivated  people  who  are  close  to  you  personally  or  on  the competitor’s  side  will  constantly  try  to  get  in  your  way,  break  you  down,  or challenge you. Regardless, your job is to produce in your marketplace while all your challengers remain personally distracted by you and your success.

Like athletes in the Olympics, the people who train the hardest on one goal and prove to be the most adept will win, or at least get to share the top prizes. Others who  can’t  manage  to  get  past  the  competition  will  be  run  off   and  knocked down. By maintaining your focus, distractions and detractors will harm your competitor’s business more than your own.