Sunday, May 3, 2015


No one can ever grant you greater potential than your heart already holds…you need only discover its contents to find the one true path to your success in life. Born with the seeds to our success, the greatest decisions must always come from the inside!

Even though nobody wants to be “different,” nobody wants to be “average” either. What is average? Living in the mainstream, working a J.O.B. that is tolerable but leaves you unfulfilled. Earning a salary that may pay your bills yet never afford you the lifestyle you want. Having a bank balance that only (or barely) gets you from one paycheck to the next and working long hours that keep you from family and friends; the list goes on and on. 

Here is the challenge: Only a few are willing or ready to do something about their present circumstance? Are YOU ready? Do YOU want to do something better with your life? Growth demands change and thus by resisting change, you resist the growth that is necessary to achieve success.

Your rational mind points out any number of obstacles, suddenly you experience fear and doubt. We fear the unknown, failure, loss and even what others may think. Often, the decisive thought that seals our fate is, “What will others say if I don’t succeed?”

If your current endeavor doesn'’t work out and you fall short of your intended goals, then your neighbors and other people you know may say to you, “Look at you – you failed!” And the truth is – you can'’t say to them, “Look at yourself – you did it wrong too, so leave me alone. I’'m just like you – we are all the same!” Because when you try to remember when they have tried to do something different and failed – you just can'’t point to one single task! They never did anything wrong … because they still do everything the same way they have done it for years – no matter what!

It is sad, but true, that most people have never done anything wrong…because they have never tried to do anything different!!! Why do you think most of the people you know are stuck in a rut? With no chance of taking a step forward in their lives, they are all too eager to point out your temporary setback that they define as failure?

Just think about it; if past actions have created the circumstances you find yourself in today, then what you do today will also shape your immediate future, deciding the circumstances you will find yourself in tomorrow. So, if you continue to do today just as you have done in the past, what do you think will happen? You won’t need a fortune-teller to reveal to you what you can expect; everything will simply continue to go on just as it has until now – or possibly worse! Without a goal in life to guide you, there is always someone ready to map one out for you – to his or her advantage, not yours!

If, on the other hand, you want your future to be better, then you must do something different beginning today!

Do not focus too much and depend too desperately on the outcome. Analyze your goal and choose the best course of action to achieve it. Your subconscious, which is always alert and monitoring everything you do, can be of great help to you in your endeavors if you program it to work for you and not against you.

Remarkably, “positive thinking” can sometimes be a huge obstacle. Simply repeating affirmations such as, “I’m rich, I’m rich,” will not make you rich, unless you strongly believe the thought you are voicing. However, what response do you hear in your head when you repeat the affirmation [above] in your mind? THIS reaction is what you have to deal with! Just focusing on something positive, while an important element of success, does not guarantee success.

Since the subconscious always actualizes everything attached to the strongest emotions in the conscious mind, it is obvious why most of our dreams don’t come true. If fear is the strongest emotion that accompanies your dream, then the negative aspect of what you desire will be stronger than the positive side of bringing it about, thus the dream becomes harder, if not impossible, to achieve. 

It is only when a positive statement is based on a firm conviction that it can manifest itself in life. This means that affirmations have to serve as reminders, not “thought builders.” Before this can happen, however, you must deal with whatever lay hidden inside you. That means anything within you that lay at the root of “negativity,” or, better said, what you perceive as a negative, which is the cause of self-defeating attitudes. You do this through self-analysis.

Be advised, however, self-analysis is often not successful simply because it’s easy to become locked within your own, fixed, thought pattern. In such instances, the best strategy is to reiterate what your doubting subconscious is telling you. Using this, Reverse Psychology technique can change your self- talk, which is the way your subconscious mind speaks to you, from negative to positive. It works miracles! Applying this technique is easy; you simply repeat the negative message your doubting subconscious is telling you, such as: “You won’t succeed? You haven’t yet, have you? So, what makes you think you can do it now?”  What you will discover is that “now” your self-talk changes and rushes to your defense, saying, “Yes you CAN succeed! You haven’t yet, but you CAN if you just stay with it and don’t quit!” This shift in your self-talk, from negative to positive, transforms your once doubting subconscious into your strongest friend and ally!

Your, now positive, self-talk has just transformed your subconscious mind into your strongest ally and new best friend! Your experiences are your allies.

Failures and mistakes, in the conventional sense, do not exist  – this is true only IF you learn to look at your experiences from the right perspective. Experiences arising from bad choices serve as guides in making the right, or better, decisions in life. The worst you can do is to choose to give up. The night is always darkest before the dawn – it is at this important moment that real winners are born. With the correct approach and motivation, you can overcome all the obstacles in your path in such a way that you won'’t even have the feeling that anything extraordinary is happening or that you are encountering any particular difficulties. The results of doing so, however, will astound you!

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