Saturday, May 23, 2015


Do you think different from most people around you?  Good.  Maybe this creates problems for you, you have a smaller group of friends, perhaps you associate with different people whose goals and values are similar to your own. As long as you trust in yourself and don’t allow other people’s opinions to bother you, everything will be just fine.

Unfortunately, most people thrive on the failures of others. Instead of acting positively for themselves, they spend their time hindering the efforts of others. They don’'t like others to be better or do better than they are. They do nothing to encourage or support them, everything to divert and discourage them. They are the people who fill the bars at night and blame everyone else for their failures and lot in life. Afterwards, they go home in a bad mood where their annoyed wives and families are waiting for them. In the evening, they watch television that makes them even more depressed with all the bad news and negative coverage and then the day is over. Day after day, year after year is the same routine. Life goes on. There are many of these unhappy and “negative” people. 

Pay attention to the expressions you see on people’s faces; the happy faces are rare.

These same people are surprised at their lack of friends. Who do you prefer to spend time with, a fun and happy person or a grumbling, negative one? Everyone prefers associating with happy and smiling people. Don'’t allow yourself to fall into a monotonous life enclosed in a circle of common mediocrity; adjusting to others around you, instead of following your own mind and heart, harms everybody. 

Anytime you choose to bend to the will of others at the expense of yourself, you do harm to you and the other people involved. You may think you are being a loyal friend, but in reality, you are betraying yourself and your friend. 

For example, a friend tries to convince you to start a business selling cosmetics door-to-door, like he does. You don’t have any desire to sell cosmetics, but you don’t tell him that because you don’t want to offend or reject him. Instead of telling him you are not interested, you tell him you’ll think it over or come up with some other non-definitive excuse like – you don’t have time, you need more information or you tell him you may join later.

Your friend is now in limbo, living with the hope that you will join him selling cosmetics. The situation is now awkward for both of you – someday, you’ll have to tell the truth or suffer to please him. Wouldn'’t it be better to tell him what you feel at the start, when your friend is not yet emotionally attached to the thought of sharing the same kind of business? 

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