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8 - Ways To Make Money Online

 Do I need a college degree to make good money in today's world?

Work Online Earn Money!

With millions of people online worldwide and a new generation being raised with the Internet as a primary means of information, entertainment and commerce, the Information Superhighway is here to stay.

Many have attempted to sell online in the past. Many others have developed web sites in hopes of attracting throngs of visitors. There have been success stories and there have been not-so-successful stories.  If you are the latter group, take heart! There is more than one way to skin a cat. And if you have already found ways to make money online, I hope this brief report will open your eyes to opportunities that you may not be aware of.  Why not pick all the fruit you can?

Opportunity 1 - "Links for Sale" 
 If you own a web site with a Google page rank of 6 or higher, there are plenty of people who are willing to spend money to have a link on your web site.  The links frequently can be placed towards the bottom of your page and don't take up any significant real estate.

If your page rank is less than 6, there is still hope for you!

Opportunity 2 - Not Just Google! 
 While Google currently dominates the market for pay-per-click ads on publisher sites, there are shrewd up-and-comers that are finding ways to help publishers monetize their content by analyzing keywords on a page.  One such company is Kontera.  These folks have partnered with Yahoo/Overture to deliver contextual ads to your web pages without violating Google's terms of service.   Simply put a small snippet of HTML code on your site and certain keywords on your page will be automatically highlighted with a blue link.  When you roll your mouse over the link, a text-based advertisement appears.  And guess what happens if a visitor clicks that link…that's right!  Money in your pocket.

 Opportunity 3 - "Affiliate This" 
 Much noise has been made over the now-famous associate program, where web sites can earn commissions off sales sent to Amazon from their site.  Some people are earning big bucks for sending thousands of dollars worth of sales through their Amazon links.  But what about the rest of us?  There is good news!     There are literally THOUSANDS of companies offering affiliate programs on the web today.  Whatever the niche of your site, there are products and/or services offered by an online merchant with an affiliate program.  Is your site about fishing?  Affiliate with sporting goods and outdoors merchants.  Is your site about legal issues?  Find merchants who will pay you to refer people who need a lawyer.  Do you write about Internet marketing?  There are hundreds of ebooks covering just about every area of this specialty!  Find affiliate programs that fit with what you are trying to accomplish.

Since YOU are the expert at your site, your advice to your visitors will be much appreciated.  Try or as starting points to find merchants to affiliate with.

 Apart from the large merchants (,, etc.) there are other networks that present a variety of CPC (cost-per-click) and CPA (cost-per- acquisition) offers which can often be quite lucrative. It is free to sign up with these services and there are offers for just about every niche.

Opportunity 4 - "The Writer Within"  
What is the focus of your site?  Is it golf?  If so, you probably know a little bit about selecting the proper club.  Is it dogs?  If so, you could probably tell others a thing or two about training a puppy.  Is it health?  If that's the case, you might know something about the benefits of multivitamins.  So what's the point?  Well, it has been said that there is at least ONE book in every person (including people who can't write a lick!).   I'm not suggesting that you compile a manuscript and hustle the streets looking for a publisher to put your book in every Barnes and Noble in the world.  This is the Internet age and ANYONE can become a digital book publisher overnight.    You've probably read an ebook before, but have you ever given thought to writing an ebook of your own?. Whether your ebook is a short 10-page report or a 150-page authoritative guide, put your expertise into action and share it in the form of an instantly downloadable PDF document.  People online are willing to pay more for the instant gratification of purchasing a product and having it in their possession a few moments later.

Opportunity 5 - "Sign 'Em Up"  
So your web site gets 10 visits/day?  Maybe you receive 100 visits/day?  Do you receive 1000 visits/day?  How about more?  Whatever your visitor count is, what happens to a visitor when they surf your site?  Do you know who they are?  Do you do anything to make sure they come back?  If you aren't collecting email addresses on your site, you are missing out on an incredible opportunity to grow a mailing list that can pay back fantastic dividends!  Find any reason you can to get people on your mailing list. Offer weekly tips in your area of expertise.  Tell them how to make money online.  Show them a way to build a better mousetrap.  Help people find a solution to their problem and they will want to listen to whatever you have to say!  And once you've got them signed up on your list, follow up with them by sending newsletters on a regular basis.  Be conversational, sharing a piece of yourself with your audience.  Build a rapport with them and they will follow you anywhere.  A newsletter allows you to invite people back to your site to read your latest article.  It provides an opportunity to tell people about a new product that you are offering.  And if you are truly providing a valuable service, it builds good will towards you and your web site.  You can get started with your own newsletter with  For a small monthly fee, you can set up as many mailing lists as you want with unlimited auto responders.  Not only can you broadcast emails to your entire list as often as you want, but you can set your list up to automatically send certain messages on a predefined schedule.   Few fruit is riper on the Internet Money Tree than the customer that is already at your site.  Don’t let them go without providing an opportunity to nurture your relationship with them!
Opportunity #6 - "Get Paid to Surf" 
If you have been online since 2000, you might remember a company called  The company created a custom application that installed a special tool within your web browser, allowing them to display advertisements within the browser as you surfed the web.  The key to the concept was that users would get paid for the advertisements that appeared in their browser window.  Essentially, AllAdvantage was the first company to launch a “get paid to surf the web” program.  Combining it with a referral program whereby webmasters could earn commissions by enticing other site owners to sign up through their affiliate link, AllAdvantage grew at a record pace.  But an influx of “cheaters” who found ways to bilk the system, combined with ever-decreasing banner clickthrough rates, was the death of AllAdvantage. The company went downhill as quickly as their meteoric rise. The “Get paid to surf” concept has been fine tuned greatly since that time. I have explored several companies that are currently offering this type of program.  I have found to be the one that just might make this concept work in the long term.  They have been in business long enough to develop a very strong following.  You don’t have to pay a dime to sign up with the site and you do indeed get paid a token amount for each day that you surf the web and view a certain number of sites.

Opportunity 7 - "Zap It" 
 I like to keep my eyes peeled for new ways to leverage my site traffic and email lists, hoping to provide services of value and generate additional revenue.  As of this writing, I have been exploring as a potentially lucrative opportunity.  GreenZap is an online payment portal that is attempting to generate a customer base by providing a paypal-like service.  The basic idea is that use of your account generates “webcash” which you can then use to buy goods and services online.  $25 in webcash is placed in your account when you sign up for free. After that, you earn webcash for referring new GreenZap users to the site with an affiliate link.

So what’s the gimmick?  When you sign up, you are referred to as a “Green” member.  However, if you upgrade your account to “Gold” for $100, you now earn webcash AND real cash for each person that signs up for the GreenZap service.

Opportunity 8 - "Got Zip?" 
Just like it is impossible to find this kind of land deal in the present age, some say that the Internet land run is over as well.  But innovative thinking can create new opportunities that did not exist previously.  One such opportunity is offered by a company called

GotZip is an unusual web portal featuring online shopping and regional news.  Its name is derived from a combination of Internet double-entendre and ingenious marketing.

The first asks the question, “How many times have you signed up for an affiliate program with great promise and got zip?” But the key to the GotZip program is the actual use of a zip code in determining how a member will receive a portion of affiliate revenue based on geographical location.  Here’s how it works.  Subscribers sponsor a territory, such as a zip code, a county or a state,  and they receive a percentage of every trackable site network transaction made from within their territory.

 Sponsors can also earn a revenue share of ALL non-trackable site network revenue including advertising.  It is a fascinating concept with great potential.  For example, let’s say you claim the rights to zip code 12065 (Clifton Park, NY).  When a visitor from this region comes to the site, they must first enter their zip code in order to proceed.  If this visitor views advertisements or purchases goods or services while at the site, you would earn a percentage of the affiliate revenue generated by those purchases.  After all, it is your territory! If nothing else, I find this approach creative and I have staked a claim of my own. As of this writing, there are still plenty of excellent territories available.   This is just another potential avenue for you to earn money with your Internet business.    Boost your PC’s performance. Now 25% OFF on TechGenieServerMania

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Exposed! The myths, the lies and the real science to making money anywhere (with the internet)

Make a commitment to yourself to succeed. Tell your self it is okay to ‘fail’.  Remember, if you are not failing you are not trying something new, therefore are unlikely to be succeeding in reaching new goals.

There Are Only 3 Ways of Making Money Online

That’s right. Online you can only make money in three ways: as an affiliate, as a product creator or as a service provider. Everything else is simply a variation of one of these methods.

Do I need a college degree to make good money in today's world?
1.  Affiliate
In  this  category  I  also  include  models  such  as AdSense  and  Cost  Per Acquisition (CPA). They’re all the same whereby you are creating traffic for someone else and either paid per click, per lead or per sale.

The  fewer  variables  that  you  can  have  in  an  equation,  the  more sustainable and passive your business can be (and the less chance there is for failure).

Being an affiliate for somebody else’s product can be a great way to get started with minimal setup. However, you are at their mercy.

2.  Service Provider
Being  a  service  provider  could  be  anything  from  offering  hosting,  to providing copywriting or SEO services.

Being a service provider can create great value for your customers and produce  some  excellent  long-term  income.  However,  it  does  require long-term maintenance.

3.  Product Owner
The other option is to own and market your own product. It’s true that product creation is the best way to create sustainable income that’s more likely to last in the long-term.

This  is  because  you  can  control  the  variables  much  better  and  you’re usually not reliant on any third party.

You can control your product, the sales process, payment, delivery and your own terms of service.

Even if you are totally new to Internet Marketing you can create your own product.

As a product owner you build a list of buyers, build authority and create credibility.  You  also  have  sales  funnels,  autoresponders  and  mailing lists.

Failure is the First Step to Success  
Every  successful  person  you  meet,  hear  or  read  about  has  failed,  without exception (and not just once either).

Often the best learning comes from experiencing firsthand what not to do. You cannot follow someone else’s path to success exactly; we each have our own personal variation.

Don’t be afraid to experience things firsthand. Unfortunately many people who fall over, complain loudly to everyone about their ‘bad luck’. Worse still they stay put where they’ve fallen and don’t get up. Imagine if we had done this as children learning to talk, walk or talk—where would we be today?

Every  successful  person  has  fallen,  and  every  single  one  has  gotten  up  and continued walking.

When you experience failure, pick yourself up, learn from your mistakes and then just keep on going.

Forward Thinking Will Make You More Money 
Before  you  get  started  on  your  online  business  it’s  helpful  to  sit  back  and consider what exactly you want to achieve, and why.

It’s wise not to rush in eager without some form of preparation. Instead position and plan your business from the very beginning.

Most people don’t do this; and then, most fail. Be honest with yourself and your goals. What  would  you  really  like  to  achieve? What  outcome  would  you  like  your business to have?

As  well  as  setting  yourself  up  for  profit  you  have  to  be  aware  of  your weaknesses. What are the main challenges that will impact your profitability and your journey getting there?

How to Identify a Want or a Need
Use Google’s keyword search tool:

Type in your niche directly into the keyword tool to find out if there is a potential demand  for  it.  See  how  many  people  are  searching  for  your  key  phrase,  for example ‘poodle grooming’ (or similar related phrases).

In an ideal world you would have a high search volume and low competition. Just be careful though as this could mean that a keyword or niche is simply not profitable. Competition is not necessarily a bad thing.

The Bones of Your Online Business
It annoys me when I read about the lies, deceit and misconceptions I see about creating an online business, or taking a business online.

Marketing your digital product online is easier than you think.

There  are  three  things  you  have  to  do.  1.  Build  a  product.  2.  Build  a  list  of devoted customers around your specialist niche. 3. Then develop a relationship with the people once they’re on your list.

As more people like and trust you, the more easily you will be able to sell your products. Then, the more willing they will be to buy your future products.

Broad or Targeted Niche?
A niche is an area, subject or topic you build your product around. You can have broad or targeted niches.

1.  Broad Niche
An example of a broad niche would be weight loss. Although broad niches catch a wide net of people, it can be hard to get noticed among the crowd.

You have the potential to attract a lot of people, but you will probably be  up  against  a  lot  more  competition. Also,  conversions  will  be  lower because of either the lack of focus, or the range of choices available to the consumer.

2.  Targeted Niche
An example of a targeted niche would be weight loss for female teens. Another even more targeted niche would be weight loss for female Asian teens who suffer from diabetes.

Although in narrow niches there are fewer customers, they are easier to target because they’re searching for something specific.

A customer going to Google searching for a weight-loss solution may end up landing on ‘weight loss for female teens’. This may or may not be a good match.

However,  if  someone  types  into  Google  ‘weight  loss  for  female  teens’ and  lands  on  ‘weight  loss  for  female  teens’  this  is  going  to  be  a  great match, because you’re solving their specific problem.

Even though the content may be identical, people feel it applies to them more when you have narrowed your focus and talk directly to them.

By focusing on narrower niches you increase your chance of being found (by reducing competition), and increase your chance of a sale (because people like to buy what is the closest match to them).

Your Financial Success Depends on Your Team 
No matter the type of business model you follow, if you don’t have a team you’ll run into trouble. Maybe not immediately. But sooner than you think.

Without a strong team behind you, your business will either never get off the ground, or it will die a quick death.

Too many internet marketers overwork themselves and struggle too much on their own. And every single marketer I know who has succeeded has done so with the help of others.

Perhaps  you  don’t  have  the  money  to  hire  staff?  (Not  a  valid  excuse.)  Or perhaps the entrepreneur in you wants to do everything your way? (One of the hardest things to overcome for many of us, especially me.)

If you don’t already have a team, now is the time to create one.

Anyone  who  has  enjoyed  serious  success  will  tell  you  the  same  thing—that they couldn’t achieve their wealth, or success, without a helping hand. This is true for musicians, movie stars, sports professionals and business men.

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Make money online - Affiliate Marketing

Do I need a college degree to make good money in today's world?

Work Online Earn Money!

What is Affiliate Markiting?

Affiliate marketing is different things to different people, but essentially, affiliate marketing is the act of marketing someone else’s products or services for a portion, or commission, of each sale that you make.

Some people do affiliate marketing as their full time jobs. That’s it. That’s all they do – they market other people’s products or services, collect their commissions, and live their lives as they wish. They do not have to deal with customer service, shipping orders, or anything else. All they do is promote other people’s products or services, everyday.

Other people use affiliate programs in conjunction with their own products or services, using affiliate programs as front end products, upsells, and back end products. For example, if you had an information product about weight loss, you might want to market exercise equipment, exercise clothing, vitamins, or other items or services that are related to weight loss along with your weight loss information product – to increase your revenue.

Some people are confused about what affiliate marketing actually is. For instance, many people who have products and offer affiliate programs for those products might say that they sell their product through affiliate marketing. What they mean is that they have affiliates who sell the product for them, but they are actually merchants or affiliate managers, in affiliate marketing terms.

But basically, affiliate marketing is selling someone else’s products or services through various means, for various reasons – either to earn an income, to enhance a product, or even to sell an additional product. In fact, many people use low end affiliate products as lead-ins, or entry level products, for higher end affiliate products – never actually creating or promoting a product or service of their own.

Is money being made? You better believe there is! If you include all products and services that are sold through affiliates, affiliate marketing is essentially a multibillion dollar industry, even though it isn’t technically considered an industry in its own right. Many people don’t even consider it a career, but they are mistaken.

Affiliate marketing presents a win-win-win situation. The owner or maker of the product being sold is making money. The affiliate marketer is making money, and the customer is getting what they want or need. Everybody wins. Affiliate marketing has been around longer than you think it has as well.

Again, affiliate marketing is different things to different people, but the goal is the same – to make money. Affiliate marketing offers you the opportunity and ability to make money without creating a product of your own.

Affiliate Marketing: Getting Started 
Getting started in affiliate marketing is really quite easy, but too often, many people mistakenly think it’s a lot easier than it actually is. In most cases, the only thing you need to do to join an affiliate program is to fill out a form. That’s the easiest part that there is. But there is still work to be done if you are to be successful.

The first objective is to find a profitable market or niche. This can easily be done in Google or by reading magazines. Let’s start with Google. Do a search for any topic that interests you. Interest in what you hope to sell is important, and later, you will learn why. Make a list of things that interest you, and do a simple search in Google for each thing.

Pay close attention to the sponsored ads. This tells you that money is being spent in this market. Now, do a little logical thinking. As a business person, would you spend money on advertising that is not making you money? Absolutely not. So, if there are sponsored – paid - ads for a topic in Google, money is beingspent in this market, which means that there is profit.

What about the competition? What about them? 90% of all people who sign up for an affiliate program will not do anything to market it at all. Of the 10% that will market the product, 90% of them will do it wrong, and won’t make much money, if they make anything at all. The competition just decreased in size by leaps and bounds. Don’t worry about the competition. Concentrate on promoting your affiliate products and services to the best of your ability – let the competition worry about you.

Once you’ve chosen your market, or your niche, you are almost ready to get started, but there are several other things that you need to do before you can call yourself an affiliate marketer. First, you need to make sure you have the right tools. Then, you must find the programs, understand the terms of the programs, and finally understand how to choose the right programs.

Have The Tools You Need
You can’t do any job successfully without having the tools you need to do the job. This is also true for affiliate marketing. Here is a list of the tools that you will most likely need to get the job done and become a successful affiliate marketer.

An email account – You want to appear as professional as possible. Do NOTuse a free email account such as Yahoo or Hotmail as your business email account. If you have a website with a domain name, you should be able to set up an email account associated with that domain in Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.

An Autoresponder – An autoresponder is web based software that sends out one email or a series of emails to people who sign up to the autoresponder. This can be used to manage your ezine, which will be discussed later. A good autoresponder will also give you the ability to send out broadcasts to your list.You can start with a free autoresponder.

Keyword Research Tools – If you will be doing PPC campaigns, which are discussed later, you will want Keyword Research Tools. Google has free tools that you can use, but stand alone web based software, such as that found at is also recommended.

A List of Resources – You will definitely need to start gathering a list of resources that includes a list of article directories, PPC search engines, affiliate program directories, and directories of ezines.

Word Processor – Word processing software is essential. You will use it to write articles, sales letters, ads, and newsletters. While Microsoft Word is the 800pound gorilla a wonderful alternative and free resource is “open source” office.

A PDF “maker” - Neevia is a wonderful free programs that will convert your documents into PDF format. I use this constantly!

A Website and Domain for Each Niche or Market – Some affiliate programs will give you a replicated website. You will eventually send prospects to that website, but not sending them to your own website first is a big mistake. You need to “capture” your prospects first name and email address. For that, you need a website for each niche with it’s own domain name.

The website should be full of content, with affiliate links worked into the content. Ideally, each website will also have a squeeze page, where you will collect the names and email addresses of your visitors as well, in order to build your lists.

For those who don't have the time to learn search engine optimization, it makes it extremely easy to get high listings in the search engines. For those who don'tknow html, it creates web pages in an easy to use wysiwyg (“what you see iswhat you get”) environment. For those who hate to read a manual, it comes with great video tutorials. For those of you who just want something better, it is the best! The #1 Web Site Creator

There may be other tools that you find you need in the future, but all of these things will get you started.

Ideally, you should have a home office. This will not only give you the space and proper atmosphere for success, it will also give you a home office tax deduction. If you don’t have the space for a home office, try to set your desk and computer up in a low-traffic area of your home, where you can work with fewer interruptions.

Know Where To Find The Best Programs
Now that you have the tools, and you know what type of products you want to market, where do you find the best ones that have affiliate programs? Well, there are multiple places that you can start looking, depending on what your objective is. You must know what your objective is first.

If you plan to use affiliate programs as add-ons, such as upsells or backends to a product that you have, or another high ticket product that you are promoting, you may want to look for inexpensive ‘lead in’ or entry level products, such asebooks. ClickBank at is one of the best places to find affiliate programs for information products.

If you want to promote hard goods, meaning goods that are delivered via a shipping company or postal mail, there are many different places you can look. First, let’s cover sites that are essentially directories of affiliate programs.

• /
• Link Share.
• Commission Junction.
• Performics
• Fine Click.
• Web Sponsors.
• ClixGalore.
• QuinStreet.
• MaxBounty.

The majority of these sites are networks, where many different affiliate programs are managed. This allows you to promote a large number of affiliate products and services, and to receive one check for all sales across the network.

Understand The Language
You are about to encounter a language that you have never heard before – the language of Internet Marketing, as it relates to Affiliate Marketing. It is important that you understand what it all means, to ensure that you are signing up for programs that are worth your time.

As you will learn later, it is important to read the terms and conditions for affiliates. Sometimes, you will be presented with those terms before you sign up, and sometimes you will be presented with them after you sign up – but it is important that you read them, and it is important that you understand what is being said.

CPCCost per click. This relates to how much it costs for each click an ad or link receives when advertising on a CPC basis. In other words, instead of paying a flat rate for the advertisement, you would pay a certain amount of money for each click the ad receives.

PPC – Pay Per Click. This relates to CPC, where you pay for each click that your ad or link receives. Google AdWords is an example of Pay Per Click advertising.

CPA – Cost per action, or cost per acquisition. Basically, this means that you will pay each time an action is taken. The action may be a click, a sign up, or a sale.In fact, many affiliate programs also pay on a CPA basis, meaning that each time someone clicks on your link, or signs up to receive information through your link, you earn a little money. Google AdSense is an example of this.

CTR – Click Through Rate. This number is usually represented as a percentage, and it refers to the number of times your ad was clicked on, in relation to how often the ad was viewed.

CPM – Cost per thousand. The amount of money you pay for every one thousand ad impressions.

URL - Uniform Relay Link, otherwise known as a link, or a website address.

Affiliate Link – A URL or link that is assigned to you by the affiliate program. This is the link that you will promote, as it is used to track your clicks and sales.

Contextual Link or Text Link – A contextual link is a link that looks like content, because it is all text. It may be several words long. A text link is a link such as , as opposed to a banner ad.

Charge Back – This will be an important term to you. This refers to when customers cancel their orders, or have their credit card companies reverse the charges. It basically means that you lose a sale. Some affiliate programs will hold money back each pay period to cover potential charge backs/refunds, and release that money to you after a specified period.

SPAM – Unsolicited Commercial Email. This term also refers to commercial posts on forums and blogs. Most affiliate programs will have strict anti-spam regulations that you must follow.

Revenue Sharing Program – This is the same thing as an affiliate program.

Co-Branding – Some affiliate programs offer co-branding options, where your company name or logo is placed on a reseller’s website, or on the product itself.

Referral Link – The same as an affiliate link.

Tracking – The method or software used to record sales, clicks, leads, and other information that has to do with your affiliate link.

HTML or HTML Code – HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. This is the programming language used to build webpages. HTML code generally refers to a small portion of HTML code, such as that needed to place affiliate links or banners on your webpages.

More are Coming soon ............ keep checking the page.

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Work Online Earn Money

Do I need a college degree to make good money in today’s world? - See more at:
Do I need a college degree to make good money in today’s world? - See more at:

Make Money Online - Affiliate Marketing

Do I need a college degree to make good money in today’s world? - See more at:
The Basics On How TO Start Making Money With Adsense 

I've been working with Google's Adsense program for a while now. If you're not already in the program, why not take a look at it now at I really like Adsense. It makes me money and it's easy to work with. Just some simple copy & paste into your webpage and you're done. Right?

Wrong! You can do it that way if you want. Who knows? Maybe you'll get lucky and get a lot of clicks. But if you're really serious about making a lot of money with the program, you're going to have to tweak it a little.

Google has a strict policy about not pointing to the ads in any way or asking people to click on them, so there were two things I couldn't do. What else was there?

The truth about Google’s Adsense program is that it is amazing. It’s the greatest affiliate program ever invented. There is no affiliate program that even comes close. If you are not using Google’s Adsense, you’re truly missing out on a great opportunity. I’ve tried several other affiliate programs, and the only one that is creating revenue even close to Google’s, is the affiliate program.’s affiliate program pays 5% commission and up for shipped products. It’s not really clear how Google pays you, but let me tell you it seems very fair. They do not pay per clicks, leads, or click throughs; they have a secret formula that no one will tell. But trust me it works. I was making pennies off of clicks monthly, until I joined Google. Then the pennies became dollars.

Here are some basic tips for signing up with Google’s Adsense program. 
Tip 1 Work Online Earn Money- If you search multiple websites in different categories you’ll find one thing in common. Almost all of them have Google ads and nothing else. This is because most other programs are a waste of time. Don’t take my word for it. Try other programs, but don’t skip Google’s Adsense.

Tip  2 Work Online Earn Money- Google’s search spiders are so specific, that the ads that appear on each page correspond exactly to some element of that page. Therefore, having ads from other companies is not a good idea.

Tip 3 Work Online Earn Money- You can place text, image, banner ads and even a search box that will earn your company revenue. Do not place a search box from another company on the same page as Google’s search box. They may stop working with you.

Adsense is truly considered as one of the most powerful tools in a website publisher’s arsenal. It enables a person to monetize their sites easily. If used properly, it can generate a very large and healthy income for them. However if you are not using it correctly, you are actually leaving a lot of money on the table.

How you can start earning money with Adsense can be done easily and quickly. You will be amazed at the results you will be getting in such a short period of time.

Start by writing some quality content articles which are also keyword incorporated. There are a lot of people given the gift of being good with words. Writing comes easy for them. Why not make it work in such a way that you will be earning some extra cash in the process.

There are actually several steps to put into mind before you begin writing your ads and having an effective Adsense.

Keyword search - Work Online Earn Money. Find some popular subjects, keywords or phrases. Select the ones which you think has high clicking throughs. Use a keyword selector and suggestion tool.

Writing articles -Work Online Earn Money- Start writing original content with keywords from the topics that you have achieved in your search. Take note that search engines are taking pride in the quality of their articles and what you will be writing should keep up with their demands.

Quality content site - Work Online Earn Money-  Build a quality content site incorporated with Adsense ads that are targeting the subject and keywords of your articles and websites.

The proper positioning of your ads should be done with care. Try to position your ads where surfers are most likely to click on them. According to research, the one place that surfers look first when they visit a certain site is the top left. The reason behind this is not known. Maybe it is because some of the most useful search engine results are at the top of all other rankings. So visitors tend to look in that same place when browsing through other sites.

Another thing you should know. Banners and skyscrapers are dead. Ask the experts. So forget about banners and skyscrapers. Surfers universally ignore these kinds of ad formats. The reason behind this is that they are seen as an advertisement and are ignored by most.

To really start making money with Adsense, you should have a definite focus on what you wanted to achieve and how you will go about achieving it. As with any other kind of business venture, time is needed coupled with patience.

5 Ways To Improve Your Adsense Earnings 
1.Concentrating on one format of Adsense ad. Work Online Earn Money -The one format that worked well for the majority is the Large Rectangle (336X280). This same format has the tendency to result in higher CTR, or the click-through rates. Why choose this format out of the many you can use? Basically because the ads will look like normal web links, and people, being used to clicking on them, click these types of links. They may or may not know they are clicking on your Adsense but as long as there are clicks, then it will all be to your advantage.

2.Create a custom palette for your ads - Work Online Earn Money- Choose a color that will go well with the background of your site. If your site has a white background, try to use white as the color of your ad border and background. The idea to patterning the colors is to make the Adsense look like it is part of the web pages. Again, This will result to more clicks from people visiting your site.

3.Remove the Adsense from the bottom pages of your site and put them at the top - Work Online Earn Money- Do not try to hide your Adsense. Put them in the place where people can see them quickly. You will be amazed how the difference between Adsense locations can make when you see your earnings.

4.Maintain links to relevant websites - Work Online Earn Money If you think some sites are better off than the others, put your ads there and try to maintaining and managing them. If there is already lots of Adsense put into that certain site, put yours on top of all of them. That way visitor will see your ads first upon browsing into that site.

5.Try to automate the insertion of your Adsense code into the webpages using SSI (or server side included) - Work Online Earn Money - Ask your web administrator if your server supports SSI or not. How do you do it? Just save your Adsense code in a text file, save it as “adsense text”, and upload it to the root directory of the web server. Then using SSI, call the code on other pages. This tip is a time saver especially for those who are using automatic page generators to generate pages on their website.

Monetizing Your Website With Adsense

Many are now realizing that good money is made from this source of revenue. Try the simple mathematical computation of multiplying those clicks for every page on your website and you get a summation of earnings equivalent to a monthly residual income with that effort you have made.

Google Adsense is a fast and easy way for website publishers of all sizes to display relevant and text-based Google ads on their website’s content pages and earn money in the process. The ads displayed are related to what your users are looking for on your site. This is the main reason why you both can monetize and enhance your content pages using Adsense.

How much you will be earning will depend on how much the advertisers are willing to pay. It will depend also on the keywords required. If the keywords the advertiser have chosen are in high demand, you could receive more dollars per click. On the other hand, low demand keywords will earn you just a few cents per click.

How can you start making money out of your website using Adsense?

1.Sign up for an Adsense account. It will only take a few minutes of your time.

2.When the site is accepted, you will be receiving a clip code to include in your web pages. You can insert this code on as many pages or web sites that you want. The AdWords will start appearing immediately.

3.You will be earning a few cents or some dollars per click when someone starts clicking on the AdWords displayed on any of your web pages. Trying to earn false revenues by repetitively clicking on your own ads is a no-no. This will result in a penalty or the possibility of your site being eliminated. The money you have already earned may be lost because of this.

4.View your statistics. Adsense earnings can be checked anytime by logging into your web site account.

Some other ways to increase your Adsense earnings.
1.Choose one topic per page - Work Online Earn Money - It is best to write content for your page with just a few targeted phrases. The search engine will then serve ads that are more relevant.

2.Using white space around your ad - Work Online Earn Money -This can make your ad stand out from the rest of your page so visitors can spot them easily. There are also other choices of colors you can use, provided by search engines, which can harmonize the color of your ad with the web page color.

3.Test your ad placement - Work Online Earn Money - It is recommended to use the vertical format that runs down the side of the web page to get more positive results. You can also try both horizontal and vertical formats for a certain period of time to see which one will give you better results.

4.More content-based pages - Work Online Earn Money- Widen the theme of your website by creating pages that focus more on your keyword phrases. This will optimize the pages for the search engines. It can not only attract traffic but also make them more relevant for the AdWords to be displayed.

5.Site Build It   . This is the perfect tool to be used for creating lots of Adsense revenues. Site Build It has all the tools necessary to quickly achieve a keyword-rich site that can rank high in the search engines. This will also produce a flow of traffic to your site of highly targeted visitors.

Most webmasters know that Adsense generates a sizeable source of additional advertising income. That is why most of them use it to go after high paying keywords.

Using Adsense With Affiliate Programs

Adsense is really making a huge impact on the affiliate marketing industry. If you are losing rather than winning in the affiliate program you are currently into, maybe it is about time to consider going into Adsense marketing and start earning cash through them.

Google is readily providing well written and highly relevant ads that are closely chosen to match the content on your pages. You do not have to look for the ads yourself as the search engine will be doing the searching for you.

You are still allowed to have Adsense ads even if you have affiliate links on your site. It is prohibited, however, to imitate the look and feel of the Google ads for your affiliate links.

How To Avoid Getting Your Adsense Account Terminated 

Google, being the undisputed leader in search engines, is placing a high importance on the quality and relevancy of its search results.

Most especially now that the company is public property. In order to keep the shareholders and users of its engine happy, the quality of the returned results are given extreme importance.

For this same reason, doing the wrong things in the Adsense and other forms of advertisements, whether intentionally or unintentionally, will result in a severe penalty, may get you banned and even have your account terminated. Here are some you must avoid:

Hidden texts - Work Online Earn Money - Filling your advertisement page with texts too small to read, has the same color as the background and using css for the sole purpose of loading them with rich keywords content and copy will earn you a penalty.

Page cloaking - Work Online Earn Money - There is a common practice of using browser or bot sniffers to serve the bots a different page other than the page your visitors will see. Loading a page with a bot that a human user will never see is a definite no-no. This is tricking them to click on something that you want but they may not want to go to.

Multiple submissions. Submitting multiple copies of your domain and pages is another thing to stay away from. For example, trying to submit a site under two separate URL’s is the same as inviting trouble and even termination.

Link farms. The search engines know that you cannot control your links in. But you can certainly control what you link to. Link farming has always been a rotten apple in the eyes of search engines, especially Google. That is reason enough to try and avoid them. Having a link higher than 100 on a single page will classify you as a link farm so limit your outgoing links.

Page rank for sale. If you have been online for quite some time, you will notice that there are some sites selling their PR links or trading them with other sites. If you are doing this, expect a ban anytime in the future. It is okay to sell ads or gain the link. But doing it on direct advertisement of your page rank is a way to get on all of the search engines' bad sides.

Doorways. This is similar to cloaking pages. The common practice of a page loaded with choice keyword ads aimed at redirecting visitors to another “user-friendly” page is a big issue among search engines. There are many seo firms offering this kind of services. Now that you know what they actually are, avoid them at all costs.

Multiple domains having the same content. In case you are not aware of it, search engines look at domains IP’s, registry dates and other data. Having multiple domains with the same exact content is not something you can hide from them. The same goes with content multiplied many times on separate pages, sub domains and forwarding multiple domains to the same content.

Many of the above techniques apply to most search engines and is not entirely for Google only. Simply put, you should only build your site for the human users and not for bots.

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